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Holiday Fun

My husband and I trade spending Christmas with each of our families every other year.  This year was the year to be with his family.  It was great, outside of some family emergency stuff that came up midstream (boo! 😦 ).  However, here are some pictures to document some of the fun goings-ons:

All of the presents we took with us. So much fun…everyone loved their gifts!!

Family…our 3 little nieces, my mother- and father-in-law, and brother- and sister-in-law, and us of course (I’m in the red cardigan, and my husband is in the Eddie Bauer sweatshirt) 🙂

Me teaching my 9-year-old niece to knit.  She ASKED to learn how to knit & spin!

We bought our middle niece a “Build Your Own Volcano Kit” for Christmas.  Here she, her older sister, their dad, and my husband are all building the volcano, followed by a picture of it “erupting” later on.  Apologies for the poor picture quality on the erupting picture…it was dark outside, and we had a flashlight shining on it to see.

Craft-wise, I did get some spinning done (not much because of that unplanned family emergency).  Below you’ll see a picture of a 2-ply handspun yarn, spun from Spunky Eclectic Falkland wool in colorway “Gone Fishin.'”  This is destined to be a hat for my father-in-law, an avid fisherman.  A nice wool hat will be just the ticket for when he goes night fishing on cool nights.  Here’s hoping I can get the yarn washed and the hat made while we’re still visiting with them.

Best Christmas gift I received?  It’s hard to pick, but my husband really did a good job this year.  He got me a Hansen miniSpinner, complete with the WooLee Winder.  Sorry…no pics yet, but soon, I promise!  I played around with it a bit on Christmas day, and I think I’m going to love it.  It’s so different from my wheel and will take some practice/getting used to, but wow, such a lazy/easy way to spin! 😀

Next blog post will hopefully have some recipe ideas and a new knitting pattern that I’m writing, which will be available for free on Ravelry!

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