Kidney Walk Update

Yesterday was the Kidney Walk, and it went so so well!  There was awesome turn-out, and the weather was great for it…even if a bit hot.  We had the best time, and it was super inspiring to be among so many people supporting the same cause.  Thank YOU so much to everyone who contributed to our cause.  We were able to surpass our fundraising goal of $750 and get $855!!!  This is in no small part to all of you, and we appreciate your support so very much! 😀  Rest assured, your dollars will be put to good use to do research to find cures for those facing chronic kidney disease.

Also, I have chosen a winner (by random number generator) for the Hello Yarn fiber, and skeller on Ravelry is the lucky recipient! 🙂  Thank you again everyone!!

National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk + Hello Yarn Giveaway!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to the blog (work busy!!), and I promise that I will write a post about Yarn School soon (albeit way too late).  For now, however, I’d like for this post to be dedicated to a cause that my husband and I feel very passionate about…

This year, William and I will be participating in the Northeast Indiana Kidney Walk in support of the National Kidney Foundation.  This is an organization we feel particularly drawn to because of William’s story.  13 years ago, William received a kidney transplant due to an unknown cause that put him in renal failure.  The good news is that he has done very well and continues to do very well to this day and is very healthy.  You can read more of his story directly from William here.

All of that being said, there is still a lot of work that the National Kidney Foundation is doing to help others who face the same diagnosis.  Chronic kidney disease affects 1 in 9 Americans, and 85,000 Americans are waiting for a kidney transplant.  The funding from walks such as these throughout the country goes towards kidney disease education, early detection and prevention, supporting research for better treatment, advocating for kidney patients, and promoting organ donation.

To help spur up some donations for this very worthy cause, I am conducting a drawing for anyone who donates on our behalf.  The prize will be two, yes TWO, 4-oz. bumps of Hello Yarn Fiber from my stash – one fiber club fiber (Shaking Leaves on Finn) and one Yarn School fiber (Roasted on Polwarth), both pictured below.  This means that there will be one winner who gets both fibers.  If you are a non-spinner that still ogles over yarn spun from Hello Yarn, never fear, you can still participate.  I will happily spin up these fibers into yarn for you!  So, how can you get your name entered into the drawing for this awesome prize?!  Instructions are as follows:

  1. Click on this link (the same one as above, btw)
  2. Click on the “Donate” button.
  3. Enter the amount you would like to give.
  4. You can choose to have your name/donation displayed on the team page or be anonymous.
  5. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT TO THE DRAWING: Regardless of whether your gift is anonymous or not, please enter your Ravelry name into the “Add Personal Note” box.  This is how I will contact you if you win the prize.  If you don’t have a Ravelry name, then please put a method by which we can contact you!  Rest assured, that nothing in the Personal Note section gets displayed publicly…it just comes to us.
  6. Click through the next steps to enter in your credit card information, and that’s it!  You will receive a thank you note from the National Kidney Foundation.
  7. I will hold the drawing on June 17, 2012 (1 day after the walk).  If you win, I will send you a Ravelry PM (or contact you how you indicated) to get your address.

Thank you so much in advance for your support!

Hello Yarn Polwarth (Roasted, Yarn School Fall 2010 Colorway)

Hello Yarn Finn (Shaking Leaves, Club Colorway)