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Lost & Found

We had an old Dell desktop computer that pretty much bit the dust a year or so ago.  We’ve been meaning to take it to a computer place in town to have it fixed but just haven’t gotten around to it.  The thing that has bothered me the most about all of this was that I was afraid that some of our pictures were lost and gone forever, especially our pictures from our Alaska 2010 trip that I never uploaded to flickr, Facebook, or anywhere.

As it turns out, however, my mom bought us a ClickFree back-up hard drive.  And, I managed to back-up the computer before it was a lost cause.  However, I hadn’t transferred the files onto my new computer until this weekend.  To be honest, I wasn’t entirely certain I’d done the back-up in time to not have lost the Alaska pictures, but it turns out, I did!!

For those who don’t know, William and I go to Alaska every 2 years.  His Uncle Fred lives there and has for over 40 years.  He’s an amazing tour guide for us, and each time we go, we see something different.  We go to a few of the same places each time as well, but it’s never really the same. 2010 was the year that we saw a ton of wildlife – mainly because we visited Denali National Park.  The mountain even came out to great us a bit as we were leaving the park, which is actually a rare occurrence in the summer.  For being a mountain over 20,000 feet tall, Denali is rather elusive and shows itself more in the clear of the winter.  Its elusive nature is mainly because it makes its own weather/clouds (because it’s so tall).  So, we were quite lucky to catch a glimpse while there.

Lesson learned from all of this: Back-up photos on a regular basis to a separate hard drive!

Of course, there are a million stunning pictures, but here are some of my favorite not-actually-lost 2010 Alaska pics:

DSC_1147A bull moose staring us down. Naturally, because our cat is named Moose, we love moose!

DSC_0988This little fox ran right beside our bus

DSC_0700This ground squirrel gave us quite the show and just cracked us up

DSC_1076Dall sheep – a truly rare occasion to see them this close. Normally, they are just little white dots way up in the rocky parts of the mountains. That day, we could only surmise that there was a bear (or something) hunting them from high in the mountains.

DSC_1028And, of course, Denali

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