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How We Spent Our Saturday

A couple of weekends ago was our 4-year old niece’s birthday party.  Unfortunately, due to the snow/ice, we couldn’t make it.  So, we decided to do a make-up birthday celebration this past Saturday.  My brother and sister-in-law live just a couple of hours away from us, and we had an absolute blast hanging out with them and spoiling Celia with presents 🙂

DSC_0275-Edit-2Uncle Billy (as Celia calls William) being a great sport playing chef with her and wearing her pink chef hat while she wore her apron.  I was served some delicious plastic bacon, pizza, green pepper, and a waffle 🙂


The next American Idol! Grandma got Celia this microphone.  We were entertained most of the afternoon with renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABCs, and Row Row Row Your Boat.

photo-1And, I got plenty of snuggles while we played games and read books

We had such a great time!  Celia is hilarious and such a good-natured personality.  The part that warmed my heart the most and was sad all at the same time was that she cried when we told her we weren’t spending the night.  However, we promised that next time, we would.  We need to be sure to make good on that within the next month!

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