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A Bit of Culture

One thing that many people don’t know (at least anyone who hasn’t known me forever) is that there is a strong musical background in my family.  My grandfather was a professional pianist/organist; my mom can play piano; my uncle plays guitar, banjo, and piano; my brother plays tuba, trombone, guitar, and a little piano; I play piano; and we all sing.  Because of that, a natural part of life is just having music in it.

I’ve always loved seeing music live – the symphony, a musical, or even just my family having a jam session together 🙂  Luckily for me, William enjoys this as well (also having played drums and piano).  Here in Fort Wayne, we have a wonderful philharmonic.  Ever since we got married, we have had the tradition of going to see the Fort Wayne Philharmonic’s Holiday Pops concert, but in more recent years, we have started going to even more of their concerts.  This year (as well as last year), we have had season tickets to the Pops series.  The Pops series is a bit more non-traditional, and they usually have a guest musician or two participate.

Last night, the concert was “Behind the Mask,” and they played several selections from popular musicals and had two guest vocalists (male and female).


The focus was naturally on the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has four Broadway musicals running simultaneously – the most of any Broadway composer ever.  I grew up listening to music from his musicals, so this concert was especially appealing to me.  True confessions – I’ve never actually seen Phantom of the Opera, but I know all of the music from it.  And, let me tell you hearing the music from Phantom played live by a full symphony was truly AMAZING.  I don’t think I realized how much I truly liked the music until hearing it live last night.


At any rate, it was a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Saturday with my Valentine.  Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t post a picture of the beautiful flowers William got me for Valentine’s Day – roses & calla lilies, my favorite!


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