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New Nephew!

On Wednesday, March 26th, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed Benjamin Michael into the world.  Fortunately, for William and I, Michael and Kim live just a couple hours away from us.  We have really loved going to visit our niece, Celia (as you’ve read in previous blog posts).  And, now we have a nephew to spoil as well! 🙂  This is our first nephew among four nieces (Celia on my side, and three beautiful little girls on William’s side).

Last weekend, when little Benjamin was just four days old, we went to visit my brother’s family, and I had the opportunity to take some newborn photos of him.  Here are some of my very favorites:

DSC_0433-EditMichael holding Benjamin

DSC_0442-Edit-2To get a sense of Benjamin’s size

DSC_0457Dad, Mom, and baby

DSC_0486-EditCelia loves her baby brother

DSC_0496-EditA tiny little smile 🙂

DSC_0545Asleep with Mom



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