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Bonjour! (Trip to Quebec)

This week, I spent most of the week in Quebec for work. It was a very busy trip, where if was going from 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. each day. Despite all of that, the trip was very successful, and the team in Quebec is top-notch.

Most of the reason why the days were so long is that we had early morning breakfast meetings and dinner meetings that went late, followed by driving 2 hours to our next city for the next day’s breakfast meeting. Quebec City was kind of “home base,” and we typically went back there for a little bit each day. All that being said, I mapped out our route, and we drove over 740 miles in three days…nuts!

Quebec City–>Rivière du Loup–>Quebec City–>Trois Rivière–>Thetford Mines–>Quebec City–>Chicoutimi–>Quebec City

We did have a brief moment one afternoon to look at the old city in Quebec. It has a very European feel with narrow streets and little boutiques. I loved it!


Also, the drive to Chicoutimi involved driving through a national park. It was beautiful and reminded me of Alaska. Pictures don’t do it justice, but…


All-in-all a great trip, and I was so glad to have the opportunity!

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