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New Life For An Old Chair

And the work outside continued this weekend.  Accomplishments:

  1. Power washing the driveway, sidewalk, porch, and patio – this was no small task.  We had some moss/algae-looking stuff on the back patio that made it kinda spotty green in color.  We spent at least an hour on that alone, and I’m happy to report that all of the concrete is a stunning white again – amazing!
  2. Mowing – this was all William, and it was also no small task.  Our grass has come back gangbusters this year, which means more mowing.
  3. Staking one of our Rose of Sharon bushes that started leaning over.  We had to do this with one of the others last year, and it straightened right out.  Here’s hoping it works well for this one too.
  4. And, as the title of this blog post would indicate, we finally dealt with the wicker chair on our front porch.  That poor chair was gifted to us almost 10 years ago, and it’s been outside in the elements for that entire time.  It had truly become a bit of an eyesore – old and weathered looking, and don’t even get me started on the not-so-off-white-anymore cushion that adorned it.  We bought paint to spray paint it over a year ago, and finally, this weekend, I made use of it.  It’s now a shiny almond chair with a happy new green cushion.

DSC_0056Here it is, all shiny and new!  (sadly, I forgot to take a before pic)

And, in other happenings in the yard, some of our irises have started to bloom this week.  There are buds on the others, and we expect them to bloom within the week as well.

DSC_0051We love how bright and happy the irises make the side of our house.  Can’t wait till the rest of them bloom!

The weekend wasn’t all work.  We did go to my mom’s for a Memorial Day party yesterday.  There was amazing food, and best of all, great company.  It was definitely worth the drive over and just having some nice time to relax outside.  My legs are a bit sunburned today because of it, but oh well…they needed a bit of color anyway 🙂

Needless to say, I’m sorry to see this long weekend end.  We had such wonderful weather and got so much done.  Next weekend, we have a bit more work to do outside, but the focus will all be inside of the house (and dealing with what we affectionately call Mt. Saint Clothing 🙂 ).

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