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Tulle Skirt for a Photo Shoot!

I’m getting ready to photograph a few of my gorgeous friends in modern glamour style.  In preparation, I’m making tulle skirts, similar to the one I wore during my photo shoot with Sue Bryce.  Today, I made the first of the three that I’ll be making before our shoot (I already have a red one that I made a little over a year ago to use as well).  To make this skirt, I followed the method that Sue used on her blog (here).  Sue’s blog has a great tutorial, but I thought I’d still show you step by step what I did:

You will need:


  • 30-40 yds of tulle (I used two different colors, just as Sue did to give it some more texture in photos. My tulle came in 40 yd bolts from Paper Mart.  I used beige and ivory for this skirt and had plenty of each left over.)
  • <1 in. wide satin ribbon (I used 7/8″ double-faced ivory ribbon, again from Paper Mart)
  • Thread in a matching color
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Tape Measure

My dress form is one that you can convert to multiple sizes.  Sue mentioned on her blog that she likes to tie the tulle skirts on the hips of her clients – that way the waist is still visible.  I wanted to make sure that this skirt would fit anyone, so I adjusted the hips on the dress form to be the largest it would go (46″ in this case).  Then, I cut a piece of ribbon so long that it would wrap around the hips and then have both ends touching the floor.  This is SUPER long, but it’s great to have that extra length to make the skirt more convertible for different sizes.

I placed the ribbon around the hips of the dress form LOOSELY and pinned it in the back only.  If you don’t pin loosely, then you won’t be able to get the tulle through the ribbon.  For the tulle, I pulled off a length that went from the hips of the dress form to the floor and then doubled it.  I had the dress form set a couple of inches taller than me (to account for tall clients).  The lengths of tulle I cut measured ~90″ total, and I left it doubled as it came off the bolt.  Then, place it behind the ribbon on the dress form, and adjust until both layers are around the same length.  I started in the middle on the front.



As you can see in the photos above, I alternated tulle colors – every other one was beige then ivory, etc.  I just pulled/measured the length of tulle, gathered it, cut, and placed it as I went.


You may need to adjust the pins holding the ribbon a few times as you go.  It will get tighter as more and more tulle is looped through it.


I ended up using 14 total pieces of tulle, but I think I could have gotten away with 12.  It makes the skirt very full, and I adjusted the sections so that they overlapped each other slightly.  Then, you thread a needed and start stitching the layers of tulle and ribbon together all the way around the waist.


That’s it!  I am showing it here with a simple ivory tank top that’s one size fits all and a cute floral accoutrement that I purchased from Trim Expo Online.  I’m thinking about modifying this tank next weekend by adding tulle to it similar to what Sue did with the corset in her blog post.  That way, if I have two girls where this skirt, one could wear that top, and another could wear a simple fitted tank, and it would look like two different outfits.

DSC_0394-EditDSC_0410 DSC_0404

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