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DIY Floral Headband

25of365_2015In preparation for an upcoming photo shoot, I’m making pretty floral hair pieces for the girls’ hair.  Today was my first attempt at this, and it went really well and wasn’t that difficult!  I perused Pinterest and YouTube for tutorials on how to do this and watched several to get ideas.  Here’s a step-by-step of what I did:

You will need (all of these were bought at JoAnns with a coupon, but any local craft store should carry these):

  • Silk flowers (various sizes and colors to your liking)
  • Paper covered 18 gauge floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Multi-purpose scissors

*Note: I have 26 gauge (thin) floral wire pictured here as well, but I ended up not using it.

DSC_0858Step 1: Using the wire cutters or scissors, cut the flowers from the long stems, leaving 1-3 inches of stem.  Remove the leaves – generally, I just pulled these off of the stems unless it was a very leafy arrangement.  I put the flowers and leaves in separate piles.

DSC_0867 DSC_0869

Step 2: The pieces of wire I bought weren’t quite long enough to go all the way around my head, so I twisted two together. After that, I bent it into a circle and twisted a loop on one end and made a hook on the other.  I left the hook rather long to account for different sizes of heads.


Step 3: As you can tell, the twisted wires didn’t hold together very well and had somewhat pointy ends, so I wrapped them with a bit of floral tape.  Floral tape is really odd in that it doesn’t feel sticky at all until you start to stretch it.  It will then stick to itself rather nicely.


Step 4: Lay out your flowers how you think you’d like them to go around your headband.  It took me a few tries to decide how I wanted it to look.  For aesthetic purposes, I recommend using an odd number of flowers.  Also, you can choose to have flowers go all the way around or just part of the way.  I just did part of the way.


Step 5: Starting with the middle flower, put the stem on top of the headband and pointing towards the back.  Using floral tape, and starting at the base of the flower, wrap the tape around the stem and headband to connect the two.  Continue thusly until you have placed all of the larger flowers.  You may need to point the stems towards the middle to get the flowers to lay properly.

DSC_0871 DSC_0873

Step 6: Place leaves and smaller flowers between the larger flowers to your liking, and use floral tape to attach.  I didn’t find this necessary, but you may need to attach thinner floral wire to some of the leaves to give you a base to connect them to the headband.  Note that as you place more flowers/leaves, it will get a little harder to maneuver the floral tape…it’s fine but something to be aware of.

Voila!  A pretty head piece for photo shoots!


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